DVDview - MPEG video decoder

DVDview is a software only MPEG-1/2 video decoder. A special feature of the decoder is its ability to superimpose additional information to the video sequence like motion vectors or quantizer scales (more to come). It runs on any UNIX system, preferably Linux, as many of the features depend on it. When compiled as x86 binary, dvdview can make use of special MMX code.


Note: Although DVDview is able to decode MPEG-2 streams, there is no code included to circumvent the DVD copy protection. Only unprotected discs can be read.


Output with QScale values overlay

Output with motionvectors overlay

Output with colored motion (note the different objects moving in different directions)

Output with colored motion (zooming / on the left: zoom in / on the right: zoom out)




DVDview requires that you have installed the video processing library.

DVDview is freely available under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL).

The software should run on any UNIX system. On x86 systems MMX accelerated code considerably speeds up decompression. You can get the sources from one of the links below or via anonymous access to the CVS archive.

Additional Information

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