SAMPEG-2 is a software only MPEG-1/2 video encoder targeted for optimum picture quality. To achieve this, it uses scene change rate control, adaptive quantization and a rich set of motion vector estimation algorithms. It is parallelized to run efficiently on SMP machines with an arbitrary number of processors. Moreover it is optimized to use MMX instructions on x86 processors and VIS on Ultra-Sparc processors.

Additional features:

As the development of SAMPEG-2 is discontinued and SAMPEG-3 is now considerably stable, I suggest that you use SAMPEG-3 instead. Only if you need to encode MJPEG or uncompressed AVIs, this encoder may be handy.



There is no documentation available at the moment. However, most options should be self explaining. Here are some examples that get you started:

additional information

There are also some publications on SAMPEG-2 available online at this page.

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