SAMPEG is a family of MPEG encoder programs targeted primarily for optimum picture quality. However, MMX support is included to considerably speed up the encoding process. On target systems without MMX support, replacement functions are provided so that SAMPEG works on every processor architecture.

The SAMPEG family currently consists of 3 programs:

Current status:

The MPEG-1 part of SAMPEG-3 is now complete and MPEG-2 works except field picture support. The program architecture is MPEG-4 aware, but nothing useful has been implemented yet.


The installation of LibVideoGfx is required prior to compilation of SAMPEG-4.
(NOTE: the MMX routines require a Pentium-III processor. This is not checked by the program. If you have an x86 processor which does not support MMX-2 instructions, you have to manually remove the ENABLE_MMX line from config.h after running configure.)

Old versions:


Here are some examples for typical use-cases:

Additional Information

There are also some publications on SAMPEG-2 available online on this page.

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